‘Shoes for Kids’ needs storage shed

Group distributes some 200 pair annually to Yukon students

Yukon’s Carolyn Terrel, project team leader for Shoes for Kids, now must rent space to store new shoes for Yukon students. Terrel says the money she spends on the storage unit could be used to buy shoes. (Photo by Conrad Dudderar)

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

A group that provides athletic shoes for Yukon students is seeking its own shed to house the new footwear.

Since 2012, Shoes for Kids has served children attending Yukon Public Schools. They provide about 200 pair each year.

“We assist Yukon students go back to school with new shoes,” project team leader Carolyn Terrel said. “We also make sure the schools have access to shoes all school year long – because shoes don’t last all year.

“We assist from birth up through seniors in high school. If a child gets a pair of shoes, their siblings need a pair of shoes as well.”

Shoe closets have been established at seven Yukon Public Schools’ sites, including all intermediates and several elementaries.

“If the school has identified that they have space, I will accommodate,” Terrel said. “If a school does not have a shoe closet, then the school counselors can get a hold of me, and I will run shoes up to the student. They pick the pair that fits the best.”

School counselors refer students who need shoes.

A Yukon non-profit previously housed the shoes but cannot anymore.

That’s why Shoes for Kids – with help from Yukon First Church of the Nazarene – is raising funds to purchase a new shed. Tax-deductible gifts will be accepted through a GoFundMe page hosted by the church.

Terrel is now renting storage space for $100 per month – using some of her own money that could be used to buy five pairs of shoes.

“We need help to continue to support Yukon’s students,” said Terrel, who has children who have both graduated and now attend YPS. “I need assistance building this shed so I can quit spending money on a storage unit.”

The shed will be placed on the grounds at Yukon First Nazarene, 525 E Main.

The church’s pastoral staff helps run shoes to students when Terrel is at work. Church members also support the mission by donating new shoes.



Donations of brand-new, athletic tennis shoes – preferably with Velcro or laces – are always appreciated.

“If a student has access to only one pair of shoes, it needs to do everything,” Terrel explained. “Those cute little Sunday School shoes are great for Sunday, but I need the child to be able to run, jump and play. So, they need multi-purpose shoes.”

She explained why this cause is so important.

“I saw a child with a pair of duct-taped shoes, and that just broke my heart,” she said. “I can’t imagine a child running and jumping with confidence in a part of duct-taped shoes. They should not have to worry about their shoes falling apart.

“Later in life, some of these children may choose careers where a good structure of their feet is essential. If you have lack of access to good shoes, you can do permanent damage to your body which may shut career doors.”

After the shed is built (hopefully this summer), Shoes for Kids will need volunteers to move all the shoes now at the storage unit.

Help also will be needed to move shoes back and forth between storage and the YPS administration office for a July distribution event.

Anyone interested in supporting this cause should visit Yukon First Church of the Nazarene or call (405) 354-4822.