‘Extreme Animals’ visit Yukon library

Highlight of young adult summer reading program

After hesitantly petting the snake, the guests are allowed to hold the python in a young adult summer reading program event June 15 at the Mabel C. Fry Public Library: From left, Drake Butcher, Matthew Eccard, Addison Eccard, Olivia Fredrickson, Bella Hightower, Emmalynn Anderson, Konnar Barr, and Ethan Rathke support the snake from head to tail. (Photo by Emily Loughridge)

The first event for Yukon’s young adult summer reading program was Thursday, June 15 at the Mabel C. Fry Public Library, 1200 Lakeshore.

Maddie Newlin cautiously holds Smurf, a blue tongue skink. (Photo by Emily Loughridge)

The library invited Extreme Animals from Tuttle to showcase seven animals and how they are kind to their environment.

One of the themes within the library this summer is kindness, whether it is to yourself, others or the planet.

Alexis Hobbs, the Extreme Animals’ handler, kept all the animals a secret from the eager children and slowly brought each animal into view while explaining a few fun facts about each.

After a quick introduction each child was allowed to pet the animals, and in some cases hold them.

The animals present included Army the armadillo, Julian the ring-tailed lemur, Smurf the blue tongue skink, Boomer the fennec fox, Jack the python, Jerry the ferret, and Rufus the red kangaroo.

-By Emily Loughridge

Jerry, a ferret, was passed around to several children at Yukon’s public library, including Matthew Eccard (left) and Drake Butcher (right). (Photo by Emily Loughridge)
Rylee Markee and Conard Fleeting gleefully pet the back of Boomer, a fennec fox – the smallest and fastest fox in the world. (Photo by Emily Loughridge)
Olivia Fredrickson holds Army the armadillo. (Photo by Emily Loughridge)
The final animal was a kangaroo named Rufus, which was a surprise to the children. Kiona Pena took a second to pet the kangaroo’s soft fur along its back. (Photo by Emily Loughridge)