Major motion picture being filmed in Canadian County

Crews filming in El Reno and Okarche

Tom Manske

By Cara Pattison
Contributing Writer

Film production crews have been spotted filming in Canadian County, and residents are reeling with excitement!

“Yes, the rumor is true!” District 1 Canadian County Commissioner Tom Manske said. “There is indeed a film being shot in Canadian County. A major motion picture, but we cannot use the name of the movie yet.

“Even though we know the name of the movie, nobody has officially told us what it is. Production companies have to be discreet with their rules of filming and we honor that request.”

Crews were seen filming in Okarche last month, and for the next two-three weeks they will be in El Reno and surrounding areas, he added.

“There is a major scene being shot on Bickford Street in El Reno that will be an action scene,” Manske said. “It will require that street to be intermittently shut down with access to the public.

“The movie company had to get signatures and a permit from the City of El Reno to shut it down. Film production should last no longer than a couple weeks, depending on weather.”



While the filming may cause some hiccups locally, Manske views the production as a positive for our county and communities.

“The City of El Reno was the first community to achieve the Oklahoma Film Friendly Community Certification, so city and county officials are excited that a major film production company chose to come shoot here,” the first-year county commissioner said.

“While filming is going on, there might be some inconveniences or times where area businesses and the Canadian County Election board office might be affected for access,” Manske added. “But we have worked out solutions and this major film will put the City of El Reno and Canadian County on the map as a desirable production spot, and that’s pretty exciting!

“Their presence helps to stimulate the economy within our county. Crews are eating in our restaurants and staying at our hotels and shopping locally. They are paying local businesses to close shop for a brief time or some of our farmers to use their land for filming. Not to mention, some lucky residents may be cast as extras in the movie.”

Filming has been occurring the last three or four weeks, and production crews hope to be done in early July.