Canadian County Commissioners approve $10.3M juvenile center budget

FY24 total up 4.9% over FY23, documents show


By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

EL RENO – A record-high annual budget totaling nearly $10.3 million has been approved for Canadian County’s juvenile facility.

The Gary E. Miller Canadian County Children’s Justice Center (CCCJC)’s fiscal year 2024 budget was approved unanimously during the June 19th Canadian County Commissioners’ meeting.

Projected revenues and expenditures total $10,285,292.56 for the fiscal year starting July 1.

Melanie Johnson

“It’s a projection so there could be some amendments,” CCCJC Facility Director Melanie Johnson told Commissioners Dave Anderson, Tracey Rider and Tom Manske.

The center’s newly approved FY24 budget increased by $477,635.90 – or 4.9% – over the FY23 budget totaling $9,807,656.66.

The budget totals were $9,149,064.74 in FY22 and $9,297,721.66 in FY21.

Canadian County Associate District Judge Bob Hughey, CCCJC Assistant Facility Director Cedric Mills and Director Johnson recently submitted their FY24 budget request for commissioners’ review.

In FY24, the CCCJC will receive projected revenues from:

  • Sales tax – $7,591,016.96
  • Contracts – $1,019,561.72
  • FY23 carryforward – $1,674,713.88

The center, 7905 E US Hwy 66, is funded primarily through a .35% countywide sales tax approved by Canadian County voters in a 1996 election.

Effective July 1, the CCCJC will receive $632,584.75 monthly in sales tax proceeds.

“It’s always somewhat a guess on the sales tax (revenues),” Johnson said. “It has been doing quite well.”

Canadian County’s juvenile justice facility has contracts with 11 agencies that help provide operational funding. Topping the list are:

  • Office of Juvenile Affairs (10 detention center beds) – $496,269.64
  • NorthCare Comprehensive Home-Based Services (child welfare program) – $224,170
  • Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (adolescent and adult outpatient services) – $128,311.75

The FY23 carryforward represents budgeted funds that have not been spent in the fiscal year ending June 30.



The CCCJC’s projected FY24 expenditures include a 5% salary and benefits increase that has been approved for all Canadian County employees, effective Jan. 1, 2024. Increases were 4% in FY22 and FY23.

Personnel services account for 69.03% of total expenditures with 23.23% going for maintenance and operations.

Here is a line-item breakdown the center’s budgeted expenditures for the new fiscal year:

  • Administration – $2,171,604.54
  • Maintenance and operation – $596,996.39
  • Drug screening program – $260,946.55
  • Behavioral health – $1,183,806.05
  • Group home – $1,125,203.54
  • Canadian County Education Center – $762,509.55
  • Comprehensive Home-Based Services – $365,160.52
  • Detention – $1,765,677.23
  • Juvenile Bureau – $1,210,756.64
  • Kitchen – $661,427.94
  • Supervised visitation – $280,446.36

The CCCJC maintains a detention center and alternative school and has a courtroom for juvenile-related hearings and trials.

The facility offers educational and independent living services, along with treatment and diagnostic services for people suffering from chemical dependencies.

The center also administers substance abuse prevention and sanctions programs.