Contracts finalized for Yukon Parkway improvements

‘Multimodal’ trail near YHS, Main Street traffic signals coming

Arnold Adams

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

Two critical transportation projects on Yukon’s east side are aimed at improving travel for the city’s motorists and pedestrians.

The Yukon City Council, at its meeting June 6, approved agreements for:

  • Installation of new traffic signals at the Yukon Parkway/SH-66 (Main Street) intersection.
  • Construction of a new multimodal trail along the west side of Yukon Parkway.

Council members OK’d a contract with Midstate Traffic Control for the intersection improvements at Yukon Parkway/SH-66.

The traffic signal upgrade will cost $80,000.

The project is expected to start “in the next few weeks” and take about 30 days to complete, Yukon Public Works Director Arnold Adams said.

Midstate Traffic Control submitted the lowest bid among three companies seeking the contract.

Other bidders were TLS Group ($84,750) and Traffic Signals Inc. ($90,000).

City engineer Robbie Williams, of TEIM Design, recommended the Yukon City Council approve the contract with Midstate Traffic Control.

The engineer’s estimate was $90,000.

The project will feature a video detection system, traffic signal controller assembly, traffic signal electrical wiring, and arm-mounted signs.

The new Yukon Parkway/SH-66 traffic signals are designed to improve traffic flow through that busy intersection.

The city council in March approved having TEIM Design provide professional engineering services for the signal improvements. The city’s engineering firm was paid $10,760 to prepare plans and bid specifications.

At that time, Adams estimated the project would cost $55,000-$60,000.

Similar GridSmart traffic signal detector equipment with flashing yellow arrows have been installed at major intersections on Garth Brooks Boulevard.



Meanwhile, the Yukon City Council has formally approved an updated agreement with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) for a new multimodal trail further south on Yukon Parkway.

Walkers and bicyclists will utilize this trail along the west side of Yukon Parkway, between Ranchwood and the Stone Mill Plaza shopping center (800 feet north of N.W. 10th Street).

Yukon was awarded a federal grant that will cover 80% of the construction and design costs.

“The project will be funded in part by the Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) grant in the amount of $608,000 with a 20% match of $154,967 from the City of Yukon for a total cost of $762,967,” Assistant City Manager Mitchell Hort wrote in a May 30th memo to the city council.

Having these 10-foot-wide sidewalks installed will improve safety for students walking to and from the Yukon High School campus, according to Yukon City Manager Tammy Kretchmar.

This will be similar to grant-funded multimodal trails completed in recent years along Garth Brooks Boulevard, SH-66 (Main Street) and Cornwell.

Meanwhile, the Yukon City Council also has approved paying $310,945.10 to Brewer Construction Oklahoma for well line lowing on S.W. 29th between Rockwell and MacArthur.

American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) federal stimulus funds will cover the cost of this project in the City of Yukon’s well field.