Yukon streets earn new stripes

Motorists notice upgrades to road pavement


By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

Motorists traveling along five major Yukon city streets have noticed new striping that has been installed on the road pavement.

A City of Yukon contractor, Action Safety Supply Co., is providing the street striping upgrades on:

  • Garth Brooks Boulevard from Vandament Avenue to N.W. 10th
  • Yukon Parkway from Ranchwood to Wagner Road
  • Vandament Avenue from S Cornwell Drive to 1901 W Vandament
  • West End Pointe Drive from Garth Brooks Boulevard to N.W. 10th
  • Shedeck Parkway from West End Pointe Drive to N.W. 10th

The Yukon City Council approved the street striping project, which Action Safety is performing under state contract at a “not to exceed” cost of $161,659.78.

Arnold Adams“Once they get their truck up and going and ready, they can stripe pretty fast.”

“They been doing a lot of work at night,” Yukon Public Works Director Arnold Adams said. “They start later in the evening and work through the night when traffic’s not as bad.

“Once they get their truck up and going and ready, they can stripe pretty fast.”

The primary street striping was finished last week before crews returned to paint the turn arrows, crossbars, and crosswalks at intersections.

A section of Garth Brooks Boulevard will be striped separately, Adams emphasized.

“In our original plan, we also were going to stripe Garth Brooks from Vandament to Main,” he said.

Instead, this will be striped as part of a $921,380 resurfacing project funded through a 2023 Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSAA) federal grant.

“That should happen in the next six months,” Adams said. “It’s going to be a mill and overlay, so we didn’t want to waste the money (on striping) and then tear it right back up.”



The City of Yukon has included $100,000 in the fiscal year 2023-24 capital budget for more priority street striping projects.

“We typically like to do it in the spring,” Adams explained. “We’ll be able to complete our whole five-year plan next year.”

The Yukon City Council previously budgeted about $50,000 annually for street striping.

Now, $100,000 is needed each year to keep city streets adequately striped.