Yukon sex offender pleads guilty to having dope in jail

One year in state prison added to felon’s lengthy record

Robert Lowell Sandeen

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

EL RENO – A Yukon sex offender already serving time in state prison has been convicted of having drugs at the Canadian County Jail.

Robert Lowell Sandeen, 41, was convicted June 30 of bringing contraband into jail/penal institution in Canadian County District Court.

The defendant, represented by attorney Dustin Phillips, entered a guilty plea June 20 to the felony crime.

Special Judge David H. Halley accepted the plea and sentenced Sandeen to serve one year in Oklahoma Department of Corrections’ custody.

The sentence runs concurrently with a 2016 felony case in Oklahoma County.

Canadian County Assistant District Attorney Walter Mengden prosecuted the case.

Sandeen already is housed at the Oklahoma State Reformatory in Granite after being convicted in August 2017 on four counts of child sexual abuse and illegal weapons possession. He received a 30-year sentence in that case.

Sandeen previously was in prison during 2010-11 and 2017-18 after being convicted in Oklahoma County of using an offensive weapon in felony, possession of stolen property, possession of controlled substance, cultivation of controlled substance, and driving under the influence.



Because of his prior convictions, the Yukon felon had faced life in prison for carrying drugs into the Canadian County Jail early this year.

Sheriff’s deputies on Jan. 13 found Sandeen in possession of marijuana while he was being booked into the county detention on a bench warrant served in connection with a 2016 misdemeanor case.

Judge Halley sentenced Sandeen on Jan. 25 to serve one year in the Canadian County Jail after the defendant pleaded no contest to domestic abuse and driving with a suspended license. Those charges stemmed from Sandeen’s April 2016 arrest by Yukon Police.

In fall 2022, the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office installed a new full-body scanner in the jail’s receiving area to help stop inmates from bringing drugs, weapons, explosives, and other contraband into the county lock-up.

Sandeen is among a growing number of miscreants who have been caught by the high-tech scanning equipment.