City employee cleans up Yukon

Carolyn Smith has worked inside every city building

Carolyn Smith’s job is to ensure that the City of Yukon’s buildings remain clean. Photo courtesy Emily Loughridge.

By Emily Loughridge
Contributing Writer

Carolyn Smith has dutifully served the City of Yukon since 2005, where she worked at the Dale Robertson Center for two years.

After her short stint with the DRC, she applied and was hired for property maintenance where she has worked for the last 16 years.

Smith said her job is to ensure that the city’s buildings remain clean. Jenna Roberson, Yukon’s public information officer, claims that Smith has been inside every single city building at one point or another.

Smith credited that achievement to a period when the city was short staffed, and she had to clean a score of other buildings.

During her hours, Smith can be seen cheerfully cleaning in the City Hall, Centennial Building, Human Resources, and Information Technology. Other times she cleans around Main Street and the parks’ bathrooms.

“I just love everybody,” Smith exclaimed in response to her favorite part of working for Yukon.

Her thought continued when she said that her favorite part of the job is the people and interacting with them on a daily basis.


In 2014, Smith’s hard work was rewarded when she earned the Employee of the Year award from the City of Yukon.

“She’s beloved by many,” Roberson said, after sharing about Smith’s honor.

Smith first considered working for the city because her husband, who has passed away, recommended that she apply for the DRC and later the city.

Smith said that her husband used to work for the city, and after his recommendation she thought “I want to go work there so bad.”

After a decade and a half of working for Yukon, Smith is still happy to work in what she considers a positive environment with great people.

Smith’s family is spread out from coast to coast, with some in Virginia and others in California.

She said she wishes she got to see her children and grandchildren more often, but it is hard due to the distance.

A portion of her family still lives in the area, as another child lives in Midwest City.

After ensuring that the city’s buildings are spotless, Smith returns home where she said she enjoys watching movies and TV shows, particularly Twilight, Heartland and Outlander.

She also said she wants to start working out again soon.