Longtime principal promoted to vital YPS role

Hein named new elementary education director

SCott Hein

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

A longtime Yukon principal has embarked on a significant role as part the school district’s administration team.

Scott Hein

Scott Hein is Yukon Public Schools’ new executive director of elementary education, succeeding the recently retired Lance Haggard. His new office is inside the YPS Administration Building, 600 Maple.

“I passionately care about this district and have devoted my whole career here,” said Hein, starting his 26th year with the Yukon school district.

“We have a strong, talented and dynamic group of leaders in place at our district office. I’m just honored to be part of that team and to be a voice for our amazing elementary schools. I look forward to it for many years to come.”

Hein will oversee the district’s seven PreK-3 school sites: Central Elementary, Myers Elementary, Parkland Elementary, Ranchwood Elementary, Shedeck Elementary, Skyview Elementary, and Surrey Hills Elementary. There are about 3,000 elementary students.

“It’s my job to support our site leaders and teachers in making sure they have everything they need to meet their goals so that kids will be safe, happy and successful learners at school,” Hein said.

“It’s important to listen and represent our elementary schools when I work with district-level leaders to make decisions that impact student achievement.”

Yukon’s newest district administrator referred to the great “vertical chain of support” that spans all grade levels.

Hein has spent the last 18 years as a YPS site-level administrator.

He served one year as Shedeck’s principal after being head principal for 11 years at Lakeview Intermediate (previously Elementary) School.

“I had an amazing team of teachers at Shedeck; they welcomed me and treated me so well,” Hein said. “It’s exceptionally difficult to leave Shedeck because it was an amazing place to lead.

“I’m confident I can do the same thing for all Yukon elementary schools that I did for Shedeck teachers and kids.”

Shedeck’s new principal will likely be announced at the August YPS Board of Education meeting.

In all, Hein worked 24 years at Lakeview – starting as a classroom teacher when it was a middle school. He then served six years as an assistant principal before his promotion to head principal.



Hein described the district’s “phenomenal” elementary administrators, teachers and support staff who make a “tremendous” difference every day to help Yukon’s young children achieve.

The longtime YPS employee plans to guide and support the growth of Yukon’s newest leaders and teachers as they encourage student learning.

“The value and impact that our teachers, counselors, principals, and support staff have on Yukon’s kids cannot be overstated,” Hein added. “I will work hard to be a support and resource to each of them so they can continue their great work for kids.

“I hope I can support them just like the amazing Yukon leaders before me supported me.”

Instead of being at just one school, Hein will now regularly visit every elementary site in his new position.

“I need to be visible,” he pointed out. “I want to be there to see what’s going on. I want to see the amazing things our teachers, support staff and principals are doing.

“I will help with the celebration of success – and the spreading of success across our district.”