YPS Board president welcomes students, staff back to school

Suzanne Cannon

By Suzanne Cannon

School starts on Thursday, Aug. 17 for 9,500-plus students in Yukon Public Schools. It is a time for new teachers, new friends, new shoes, new notebooks and pencils and for some, a new school.

Our teachers and administrators are already hard at work in the schools getting ready for this year’s students. I believe they are at least as excited as the kids, maybe more so!

Back to school is a time for new starts as well as a continuation of the journey started by many several years ago.

It is a time of reflection for parents, first day pictures and anxiety. Some kids love school and some don’t. However, we choose to look at it, the beginning of the new school year provides a time of possibilities, hope and opportunity.

School is a way we structure our lives. Even if you don’t have a child in school, it gives us a sense of time. It will be good to get back to that. Summer has been fun, hot, but fun. 


Our district is working hard to have supports in place to help our students learn and grow. We have worked to retain our teachers and to show them how very much they are appreciated as we also hire the best qualified teachers we can find to lead our students as they become lifetime learners. 

Please go to our school website at yps.com to get any information you need. “Meet the Teacher” night and schedule pick up along with tours of the schools is just around the corner. This site has all the information you will need.

Please don’t forget to fill out the form for free and reduced lunches. It is amazing how many people qualify and have no idea they can get this great benefit for their kids.

If you qualify and don’t choose to take advantage of this, you can do that too. 

There will be a host of principals and teachers who have utilized their creative spirits to welcome your child the first day. It will be a lot of fun, and everyone is always happy to be together again.

The little ones are welcomed and made to feel at home by these adults who are so glad to see them and excited to get started. 

For those students who are older and worried if they will fit in, Zendaya said, “Don’t try hard to fit in and certainly don’t try hard to be different … just try hard to be you.” 

Yukon Public Schools is so glad to welcome our students, parents and community back to school!

Suzanne Cannon is president of Yukon Public Schools’ Board of Education. She has represented Post 1 on the five-member board since 2011.