Recruiting office serves as hub for Air Force candidates

Potential recruits pursue opportunities in four career categories

During the Mustang High School horsepower event, TSgt. Gerald Romo was accompanied by 349 recruiting squadron commander Lt. Col. McDonald, 349 recruiting squadron enlisted leader Chief MSgt. Maldonado, and Mustang head football coach Lee Blankenship.

By Emily Loughridge
Contributing Writer

The U.S. Air Force & Space Force recruitment office, 12801 NW 10th in Yukon, serves as a hub for recruit potential candidates into the Air Force, according to TSgt. Gerald Romo. 

Romo said his office hosts informational sessions, meet with potential recruits, and assists with application processes on a weekly basis.

On a monthly basis, the office organizes various events, works with local schools, and collaborates with community organizations to spread awareness about the Air Force’s numerous opportunities.

Members of the Air Force recruiting team, accompanied by Lt. Col. Ewing and Yukon Mayor Shelli Selby, celebrate the official opening of the Yukon recruitment office.

An example of the office’s work with local schools, Romo posted to the office’s Instagram page (@usaf_okc_yukon_mustang) about his visit to Mustang High School.

His post said: “It’s an honor to be part of the Mustang football family, and I want to extend my sincere thanks to Coach Blankenship for giving me this amazing opportunity to connect with these talented and dedicated young individuals.” 

New recruits in the Air Force receive a wide range of benefits, including medical and dental care, housing allowances, educational opportunities through the GI Bill, job training, and access to recreational facilities and services on base, according to Romo. 

“I was inspired to join the Air Force by a sense of duty to serve my country and a desire to challenge myself,” Romo said. “I share my personal story and the incredible experiences I’ve had in the Air Froce to inspire others.

“Showing them the opportunities for personal growth, education, and a meaningful career path helps motivate those around me to consider joining.” 

Romo’s mission in the Air Force is to assist with identifying those who have the potential to positively contribute to the Air Force.

Another aspect of Romo’s job is to provide individuals with information about the diverse career opportunities available in the Air force, as well as help those around him make informed choices that align with their goals. 



On the Air Force’s website, four career categories are listed: Science and Tech, Healthcare, Aviation and Flight, and Maintenance and Repair – and each of the jobs branch into smaller niches.

Science and Tech careers include cyber operations, space systems operations, and intelligence analysis; Healthcare careers offer roles such as medical technicians and nurses; Aviation and Flight careers look at pilots and air traffic controllers; Maintenance and Repair careers include aircraft mechanics, vehicle maintenance, and munitions specialists. 

MSgt. Michael Reynolds and TSgt. Gerald Romo prep members of the delayed entry program for a swearing-in ceremony at the 2023 Tinker Air Force Base Airshow.

Romo stated that his office recruits a varying number of individuals from the Yukon area each year, overall, his goal is to find quality candidates who will fit in and contribute to the Air Force’s mission. 

“My recruitment goals include reaching out to a diverse pool of candidates, increasing awareness of Air Force opportunities within the Yukon community, and ensuring that those interested have a clear understanding of the benefits and potential career paths that await them,” Romo said.

“Ultimately, I aim to help shape a strong and capable Air Force through thoughtful recruitment efforts.”

Call the U.S. Air Force & Space Force recruitment office in Yukon at (405) 274-3542.

Interested individuals may email Romo at or visit the Air Force’s website,