Schoolhouse Rock

Mustang High School has a teacher whose name could be recognized by their parents.

New Mustang High School English teacher Tyson Meade is no stranger to teaching. He has taught English abroad and spent nine years teaching English in Shanghai, China and another year in New York City.

To some parents of this year’s Mustang High School English III students, their teacher may be known as a rock star. He’s found out their parents have heard of him.

Tyson Todd Meade, formerly the front man of the 1990s glam/alt/indie rock band The Chainsaw Kittens, who formed the band Defenestration in the early 1980s in Norman, has been hired to teach English at Mustang High School this fall.

It all happened by serendipity, too. Meade did not know about the opening in Mustang until late July when a record-shopping friend, who happens to be the husband of a Mustang High School assistant principal, told him about a job teaching English that was open. 

Meade is no stranger to teaching. He has taught English abroad and spent nine years teaching English in Shanghai, China and another year in New York City. 

He explained how the latest part of his life has unfolded in a Sunday afternoon interview before the second full day of school at Mustang.

“This was something that completely fell in my lap,” Meade said. “I had not planned to do this, but when I was presented with the opportunity by assistant principal Keli Wilkie it just really excited me because I’ll tell you this.

“When I was a kid I thought, ‘Okay I’m going to rock and roll. I’m going to make my records. But when I get older, I’m going to go teach on the East Coast.’ What happened was I did teach on the East Coast, but it was on the east coast of China. But I have always wanted to teach American teenagers. I’ve not gotten that opportunity yet. This came along and this was serendipitous to say the least.”


Tyson is friends with Joe Wilkie, husband of Keli Wilkie. Joe told him about the opening and two days later he interviewed in front of seven assistant principals. 

“I told them I was terrified, because I never got in trouble in high school,” Meade said. He promised not to visit the office too often, too. Later

Meade was also a candidate for Congress in 2018 when he ran on the Democratic ticket when voters elected Kendra Horn to the Fifth Congressional District. Meade did not garner the Democratic nomination that year as voters heavily favored Horn who would go on to win the seat in Congress.

Meade started work in the Mustang Schools Friday, Aug. 11. Students searched his name and found his famous background. Meade has also been a successful painter and artist.

Meade, who lives in Oklahoma City’s Plaza District, has performed a solo act at various venues, and regularly posts social media clips of him playing and singing at a piano. 

“I’ve waited to announce this because it feels like a dream,” Meade posted on Instagram Saturday, Aug. 12, with a music sound background from David Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel.”

“My dear, dear friend Assistant Principal Keli Wilkie and her administrative team offered me a teaching position at Mustang High School teaching English III,” Meade wrote. “The first day with the students whizzed by on Friday. I’ve never felt so lovingly welcomed to a position before. I’m finally going to prom!”

Meade said he thought he might be too goofy for the job, and his interview was described by principals as one of the funniest they had ever had.

“Sunday I was shopping for records, and Wednesday I had a job in one of the largest school districts in Oklahoma,” Meade said.

He said he may soon look for a place to live in Mustang to be closer to the community and sporting events, plays and other school events.

“I’ve never felt this welcomed to a job before,” Meade said.,

“Literally everyone I meet comes up and says, “We are so happy you are here.”

He said he has connected with students already, talking about their activities and guitars, and music too.

“I’m looking forward to being a part of the Mustang community,” Meade said. “It’s very modern but it’s sort of a throwback to when I was younger, and the total high school life.”

“This has been a real gift,” Meade said. “I’m so thankful.”