Power of 100 Canadian County awards ICAN $17K grant

Members of Canadian County's Power of 100 present their large quarterly gift to the Intervention and Crisis Advocacy Network at ICAN's El Reno headquarters.

EL RENO – An organization that helps women, men and children escape from domestic violence situations is the latest nonprofit to receive support from The Power of 100 Canadian County. 

Last week, Power of 100 representatives presented the Intervention and Crisis Advocacy Network, better known as ICAN, with a check for more than $17,000.

The donation was made outside the ICAN headquarters near the Canadian County Courthouse. 


The Power of 100 Canadian County is a women’s organization that provides financial support to nonprofits located in the county.

Now with more than 200 members, The Power of 100 gives a gift quarterly to a deserving nonprofit selected by the members. 

Matt Whetzel serves as ICAN director, working alongside longtime advocates and coordinators like Carolyn Hussman. 

In 2022, ICAN helped 541 women, 86 men and 36 children escape domestic violence situations.

Some 270 of those people came from Yukon, while 155 listed El Reno as home. Mustang residents numbered 83, while Piedmont residents numbered 32. 

ICAN provides a 24-hour crisis line in both Canadian and Grady counties.

The Canadian County number is (405) 262-4455, while the number in Grady County is (405) 222-1818.

The services are provided free of charge and are confidential to individuals who have experienced all forms of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, elder abuse, and human trafficking.