YPD shares tips to avoid vehicle burglaries

Yukon citizens advised to follow ‘9 p.m. routine’

John Corn

With vehicle burglaries on the rise in Yukon, the Yukon Police Department has offered tips to help Yukon residents stay protected.

The most targeted items inside vehicles are often the ones people overlook, YPD officials said.

People are advised to keep their possessions safe by remembering these key points:

  • Key fobs and spare keys: Thieves are quick to capitalize on easy access. Keep keys secure and out of sight.
  • Cash and wallets: Money left in your car is an open invitation. Take valuables with you or hide them discreetly.
  • Firearms: Ensure firearms are stored responsibly and not left in a vehicle. Safety first.
  • Laptops: Valuable information is at risk if a laptop is stolen. Take it inside or lock it in the trunk.
  • Tools: Whether for work or hobbies, tools are attractive to burglars. Store them securely.

Citizens are reminded that a few moments of precaution can save them from hours of hassle and loss.

YPD officials recommended the public follows the “9 p.m. routine.”

Each night at 9 p.m., make it a habit to double-check their vehicle’s security. Lock it down and prevent any unwelcome surprises.