Chili’s Grill & Bar coming to Mustang

Restaurant will be part of Mustang Marketplace development


By Jacob Sturm
The Mustang Times

MUSTANG – Another well-established restaurant chain is coming to Mustang as part of the construction taking place east of the Mustang Walmart on State Highway 152.

Chili’s Grill & Bar submitted building plans to the City of Mustang for a location in the Mustang Marketplace development.

Mustang City Planner Ryan Conner said the paving, drainage, storm water, and more have been installed.

The Mustang City Council accepted the improvements and Chili’s recently submitted building permits to the City of Mustang.

“We’ve already sent them off… for their fire marshal’s review,” Conner said. “Our chief building inspector has already either almost finished or completed his review.

“So, I think their anticipation is to start (construction) rather quickly as well.”

Developers for this new Chili’s Grill & Bar have been in contact with the City of Mustang about those reviews, too.


The restaurant, alongside a planned Panda Express in the Mustang Marketplace development, will help provide Mustang residents with more food options in town.

“It’s a big thing for Mustang, especially on that side of town with all the other retail that’s around the area and the amount of traffic that Mustang and State Highway 152 receives from people even outside of the city as well,” Conner said.

“Just having options to grab a bite to eat there, or to have another option in the evening times for after baseball practice or games and tournaments that people are in town for. So, it’s definitely good to have a variety of options, and actually for Mustang definitely some sit-down options. That’s definitely where Chili’s is going to come in as a really nice sit-down option for families.”

Mustang Marketplace only has five lots, with three already occupied – Panda Express, Hunker Terrace Retail Shell and now Chili’s Grill & Bar.

One of the available lots is a smaller lot located near the frontage of the development by Panda Express and Hunker Terrace Retail Shell.

The other lot is a larger area located behind the incoming developments.