Kansas man gets maximum sentence in child sex sting

Defendant desired ‘threesome’ with young Canadian County girls

Christian Shae Dalmont

A Wichita, Kan. man has been sentenced to serve 20 years in prison for trying to meet underage girls for sex in Canadian County.

Christian Shae Dalmont, 25, has been convicted of lewd or indecent proposals to child under 16 and possession of child pornography in Canadian County District Court.

Canadian County District Judge Paul Hesse sentenced Dalmont to prison Oct. 24. Dalmont must register as a sex offender once he serves 85% of his 20-year prison sentence.

Dalmont was arrested in summer 20222 by Canadian County sheriff’s investigators during an undercover operation when Dalmont tried to meet up with a 12-year-old girl and her 2-year-old female neighbor for sex.

The case was featured earlier this year on season two of the Discovery Channel’s “Undercover Underage.”

Sheriff’s investigators worked with Safe from Online Sex Abuse (SOSA), a nonprofit organization during the undercover operation.

SOSA provided decoys (actors) portraying themselves to be minor children in Canadian County and worked alongside Canadian County Sheriff’s Office investigators.

“I’m extremely grateful for the performance of my deputies as well as the SOSA decoys who all worked on this case,” Canadian County Sheriff Chris West said.

“I’m also very pleased with the sentence Judge Hesse handed down that will keep Dalmont away from children for a very long time.”

Dalmont reached out to the decoys via social media and over a 10-day period arranged to meet with what he thought was a 12-year-old girl and a neighbor, (a two-year-old female) for sex.

Dalmont planned to travel to Oklahoma and meet the two at the Route 66 Skate Park in Oklahoma City, near the east Canadian County line.

Before the meeting, Dalmont explained to the decoys how he wanted to teach the minor children how to have sex.

Dalmont described how he would also have sex with the two-year-old female and the steps that he would take to ensure he would be able to physically have sex with the toddler.

Dalmont described in detail the sex acts he planned to perform on the two-year-old girl.

The conversation evolved into Dalmont describing his desire to have a threesome with both children.

He also sent various nude photographs of himself and requested the decoys send nude pictures of themselves.

Dalmont, on many occasions, tried to obtain child pornography from the decoys.

Dalmont was told by the decoys many times he did not have to come to Oklahoma to meet them. But Dalmont insisted he wanted to meet the fictitious children anyway.



Canadian County sheriff’s investigators arrested Dalmont on July 9, 2022, after he drove to the skate park east of Yukon to meet up the two children for sex.

Dalmont admitted to investigators that he driven from Kansas to the park to have sex with the two children.

Dalmont also was in possession of numerous media files of child pornography of real-life child victims around the same age as the two he had groomed to meet up with.

During the sentencing hearing, evidence was presented to Judge Hesse about Dalmont’s actions regarding his arrest.

Dalmont’s conversation with the decoys, the nude photographs he sent and his interview were presented to the court.

Judge Hesse handed Dalmont the maximum sentence – 20 years in Oklahoma Department of Corrections’ custody for lewd/indecent proposals with a child.

Judge Hesse gave Dalmont a 10-year suspended sentence for possession of child pornography.