Local man faces child sexual assault charges

Allegedly attacked underage restaurant employees

Adan Campos

By Conrad Dudderar
Associate Editor

EL RENO – A Yukon-area man has been formally accused of sexually abusing underage girls who worked for him.

Adan Campos, 47, was charged Oct. 12 in Canadian County District Court with six counts of lewd or indecent acts to child under 16, first-degree rape and engaging in a pattern of criminal offenses.

The charging document signed by Assistant District Attorney Rebecca Boyer indicates there were four separate minor victims. The felony acts committed by Campos allegedly occurred between April 2019 and August 2021.

Oklahoma City Police investigated the crimes against Campos, who lives at a Yukon address in Oklahoma City limits. The crimes were reported in Canadian and Oklahoma counties.

In August 2021, Oklahoma City Police Sex Crimes Unit investigator Melissa Thee was assigned to investigate a lewd acts case.

Two females ages 14 and 15 alleged their boss – Campos – had “touched them inappropriately” several times at his restaurant on S.W. 59th Street in Oklahoma City, according to a probable cause affidavit signed by Thee.

The court document describes the defendant grabbing the juveniles’ breasts and buttocks.

After the first two girls reported these incidents, other restaurant workers came forward to claim Campos had assaulted them too.

“During the course of the investigation, I was able to speak with several other victims,” investigator Thee wrote in her affidavit.

Other alleged victims told police that Campos had touched their butts, felt their private parts and forcefully kissed them. They described him as being “very touchy” when no one was around.

One restaurant employee was allegedly raped in June 2020 inside the kitchen.

The victim “was afraid to say anything or report it because he knew where she lived, and she was afraid he would hurt her family,” the affidavit reads.

Another alleged victim said Campos always ensured they were alone when he touched her or made her touch him. She never told anyone because she was embarrassed.



Campos, represented by attorneys Dan Pond and Natalie Christie, had initially been charged in April 2019 with two counts of sexual battery.

Canadian County prosecutors dismissed those cases Oct. 12 before promptly refiling felony charges against Campos, court records show.

District Judge Khristan K. Strubhar issued a no-bond warrant for Campos’ arrest on the new charges.

First-degree rape is punishable by not less than five years to life in state prison.

Lewd/indecent acts to child under 16 is punishable by three to 20 years in prison.

Engaging in pattern of criminal offenses is punishable by up to one year in the county jail or up to two years in prison, and/or a maximum $25,000 fine.