Deadline Nov. 15 to update ambulance membership

Pafford’s monthly rate will increase $2 for Yukon customers

Pafford EMS (previously Samaritan) has been Yukon’s ambulance provider since 2017.

The Yukon City Council renewed the city’s contract with Pafford EMS as its ambulance provider.

The renewed contract includes a $2 monthly increase for City of Yukon utility customers who choose to participate in the membership.

This is the first time since the program started in 2017 that the membership price has increased.

Because of the adjustment, Yukon residents have the option to change their current “opt in” or “opt out” participation in the membership.

Yukon customers who opt into the membership will be charged $5.65 per month, starting with the December utility bill.

No action is required by anyone who is now enrolled in the membership and wishes to continue at the new rate.

Residents who want to change their membership status may opt in or out by Wednesday, Nov. 15. The membership status change goes in effect Dec. 1.

There will be no further opportunity to opt in or out until October 2024.

A Pafford EMS membership is not insurance, but it will help cover out-of-pocket medically necessary ambulance expenses, such as insurance co-pays.

Anyone who does not have a Pafford ambulance membership and receives Pafford ambulance services will be financially responsible for billed charges.

All citizens who require medically necessary ambulance services within the Yukon city limits will always be transported regardless of ability to pay.

To opt in or out, simply fill out a Pafford ambulance membership form, located at, and return it to the City of Yukon Utility Billing Department.

The form also is available in the October and November utility bill inserts.

About 6,500 Yukon households subscribe to Pafford’s ambulance service with nearly 2,500 others having opted out.

Pafford EMS now operates two ambulances 24/7 and a dedicated staff based at the former Yukon Fire Station #2 on S Ranchwood. The company has invested $111,000 to make renovations to the building.

Anyone with questions or concerns about the ambulance membership should contact Pafford EMS at or (870) 347-1505.