Yukon rugby players compete with Oklahoma Select team

Members out of Yukon Rugby team competed on the Oklahoma Selects team that competed in a tournament in St. Louis, Mo. In the front row from left are: Leo Martinez, Dalton Waters, Quinn Dennis, Chaslyn Parker, Dayton Bradford. In the back row are: Luke Lombard, Brendan Laub, Colt Creamer and Tanner Goodson. (Submitted Photo)

Nine members of the 2018 Yukon Rugby Club participated with the Oklahoma Selects team in a tournament in St. Louis, Mo.
The Oklahoma team placed second in the tournament.
Yukon players that competed in the tournament included Quinn Dennis, Chaslyn Parker, Leo Martinez, Dalton Waters, Dayton Bradford, Luke Lombard, Brendan Laub, Coltnon Creamer and Tanner Goodson.
The Oklahoma team finished 1-1, but had two of their matches cancelled as the Missouri team did not have enough players to compete in the match.
In the opening match, the Oklahoma Selects team ran into a struggle and lost to the EIRA Midwest team by a 34-7 score.
The team’s second match was one of the two cancelled since the Missouri team did not field enough players.
The Oklahoma Selects team won their first match in their third outing beating the EIRA Blue team by a 25-5 score.
During the time slot the Oklahoma team would have played Missouri, most of the players picked up with other teams.
In the junior varsity division, the Oklahoma Selects team also finished 1-1 with the Missouri team cancelling since the team was short of players.
The team lost to the EIRA Midwest team by a 22-19 score. The selects team had the lead, but gave up a late score to lose the match.
After the second match was canceled, the Oklahoma team faced the EIRA Red team and in a defensive battle, 10-7.