Canadian County April 6 jury docket canceled

Judge McCurdy announces move after emergency declarations

Canadian County District Judge Jack McCurdy

Canadian County jury trials scheduled for the week of April 6 have been canceled.

Due to the states of emergency declared by the national, state and city governments, Canadian County District Judge Jack D. McCurdy on March 16 announced the “cancellation of the Canadian County jury term” that was set April 6.

Emergency declarations have been made by President Trump, Gov. Kevin Stitt and the City of Yukon, among other municipalities, in response to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.

Any jury trials set on that docket have been moved to the May 4 jury docket.

“The Canadian County Court Clerk is hereby instructed to notify the necessary jurors and inform them of this decision,” according to the administrative order signed by Judge McCurdy.

“We will continue to monitor the situation and make other changes as are necessary to ensure the safety of the public and our employees.”