Yukon VA Health Care Clinic opening soon

Will provide two primary care teams in a 6,700 square foot facility; opens at end of year

Glenn Bodin, developer of The Commons of Yukon, cuts the ribbon to welcome the new VA Health Care Clinic coming by the end of the year. (Photo by Robert Medley)

By Robert Medley
Managing Editor

The new Yukon VA Health Care Clinic has been officially welcomed to the medical and professional building complex near INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital.

The Oklahoma City VA Health Care System has announced new outpatient clinics in Yukon and Norman to provide metro-area military veterans more options for healthcare services.

The Yukon clinic will open by the end of the year.

The Yukon VA Clinic, 1808 Commons Circle, in The Commons of Yukon complex, will provide two primary care teams, three mental health offices, physical therapy/occupational therapy, and three specialty care rotating rooms in a 6,700 square foot facility.

An opening date has not been announced, said Debra Cook, a broker with Epic Real Estate. Cook said the VA Health Care System has leased the building and the opening day is nearing.

“We recently discovered that a lot of people want smaller buildings,” Cook said. “The VA is due to open their clinic here so we will have a veterans’ clinic here focused on the modular type system with the teams that go in and the veterans in one room and teams will go in to see them,” Cook explained.

Wade Vlosich, Oklahoma City VA Health Care’s Medical Director, said the clinic is “a long time coming.”

“We will have both primary care and mental health services. We are just excited about all the services we will bring to the Yukon area.

Cook said work is still being completed inside the building.

“They are working diligently here and we are still hoping for this fall but definitely by the end of the year,” Cook said.

Another VA outpatient clinic will open early this fall at 1020 24th Ave NW in Norman.


The Norman VA Clinic will provide veterans with three primary care teams, two mental health offices, one mental health room, and two potential specialty care/telehealth rooms in a 9,800 square foot facility.

Both Yukon and Norman clinics “will allow us to continue to meet the needs of our veterans and provide quality access to care for the many veterans who live in the area,” Vlosich said.
“We are excited about all of the services we can provide here close to our veterans and close to home,” Vlosich said. “What you did for our country can never be repaid, so anything we can do to pay you back we want to do the best we can do. So thank you for all you have done for our country. This is our way of giving back. We appreciate this development and the City of Yukon for allowing us to come out here. I think it will be a great addition to our VA health care system.”

There are three ways veterans can move their care to the Yukon and Norman clinics.
• Veterans who have never received VA health care or who haven’t been seen by a VA provider for more than two years should call the National Enrollment Office at (877) 222-8387.
• Veterans who now receive VA care outside the Oklahoma City VA Health Care System may call the Eligibility Office at (405) 456-3071 or visit the office in person at the Oklahoma City VA Medical Center or Lawton clinic.
• Veterans who now receive VA care within the Oklahoma City VA Health Care System and wish to move their care to the Yukon or Norman clinic should call (405) 456-3053.

Senior Staff Writer Conrad Dudderar contributed to this report.