Conservative groups endorse Hefner for OKC mayor

Parts of Oklahoma City Wards 8, 1, 3 in Canadian County

Carol Hefner

Area conservative groups have endorsed Carol Hefner for mayor in Oklahoma City, according to a news release from Hefner’s campaign.

Oklahomans For Health & Parental Rights, the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee (OCPAC), Veterans of Foreign Wars Oklahoma County, Ignite Liberty, and the Oklahoma County GOP.

Don Spencer, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, said, “History confirms that Carol Hefner is guided by the Constitution and liberty, which is deficient in the incumbent mayor, who championed the attempted downfall of our Second Amendment right by promoting and signing a petition to repeal Constitutional Carry for the citizens of our state.”


Bob Linn, President of OCPAC said, “OCPAC has endorsed Carol Hefner for the next mayor of Oklahoma City. Carol has the determination and strategic knowledge to fight the aggressive and well-funded Marxist movement in our city. In her continued efforts to confront the radical left at City Hall, she is an articulate warrior for freedom and common sense on behalf of Oklahoma City families and business.”

Hefner said, “I cannot thank these dedicated groups enough for their support for my campaign. Together we can provide a voice for all citizens of Oklahoma City and be there to defend their liberties and opportunities in this great community against a radical left agenda and a RINO (Republican in Name Only) agenda that has sold them down the river.”

The primary election date for Oklahoma City mayor is Feb. 8. Other candidates are incumbent Mayor David Holt, and challengers Frank Urbanic and Jimmy Lawson. A run-off would be Tuesday, April 5.

Parts of Oklahoma City are in Canadian County near Yukon, Mustang and Piedmont.

Oklahoma City Ward 8 is on the east side of Piedmont. Ward I of Oklahoma City is located on the north side of Yukon and south side of Piedmont. Oklahoma City Ward 3 is located south of Yukon surrounding Mustang in southeast Canadian County.