‘Empty the Shelters’

Yukon Animal Control, Pets & People partner on $25 adoption special May 9-17

Cayenne is a large female border collie and pit bull terrier mix. She is good with other dogs and children. (Photo provided)

By Conrad Dudderar 
Senior Staff Writer

City of Yukon Animal Control and Pets and People Humane Society will work together to help homeless pets during a reduced adoption fee event.

More than 120 organizations are participating in Bissell Pet Foundation’s national “Empty the Shelters” adoption special May 9-17.

People will be able to visit the Yukon Animal Control Facility and Pets and People, 701 Inla, to adopt a dog or cat for $25 each. Bissell Pet Foundation will sponsor the remainder of the adoption fee.

“We’ll advertise our most adoptable pets between our organization and Yukon Animal Control,” Pets and People executive director Amy Young said.

With the City of Yukon facing a budget shortfall due a projected loss of sales tax revenues, Young said the humane society is “reaching a hand out” to help the Yukon Animal Control Facility find homes for its animals.

“This will be a great opportunity to show that we’re helping animal control while they are short-staffed and their shelter is full,” Young said.

To have the Bissell seal of approval is important, she noted.

“We are the only rescue organization in Oklahoma that is participating in this event in May,” Young said.

The “Empty the Shelters” special is perfect for Pets and People because all adoptions are by appointment only and adopters must be pre-screened.

“So, it fits right into our curbside adoption process,” Young said.

Pets and People has completed more than 100 animal adoptions since March 23 when it started offering a “curbside” service.

For one week following this “Empty the Shelters” promotion, Bissell will also cover the same cost for new foster families who fall in love and decide to adopt their pets.

Wendy is a young female coonhound mix. She’s a sweet girl but wants to be the only dog in the home. Douglas, a young domestic short hair, is among many wonderful cats available for adoption. Buttercup is a young female Labrador Retriever mix. She is house-trained. (Photo provided)


All adoptions during the May 9-17 Bissell Pet Foundation-sponsored event will adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Pets and People adoption volunteers will screen potential adopters to ensure they are a “good fit” for all City of Yukon and Pets and People animals, Young said.

“Pets and People will take care of the adoption process,” she said.

“We’ll make sure all animals are sprayed/neutered, micro-chipped, vaccinated, and heartworm tested.”

Animal shelters and rescue organizations across the country are struggling with decreased foot traffic and fewer available staff and volunteers to care for their animals.

And as vulnerable populations become ill, pets inevitably will be surrendered by owners who cannot take care of them.

The combined impact is devastating for those trying to keep pets alive.

Bissell officials are encouraging prospective pet parents to consider adopting first from Yukon’s animal shelter and humane society.

“I am extremely proud of our incredible shelter partners who are adapting to this new norm of virtual visits, online paperwork and adoptions facilitated by appointment only,” said Cathy Bissell, founder of Bissell Pet Foundation.

View available pets for adoption at http://www.petsandpeople.com or Pets and People’s Facebook page.