Yukon Schools to go virtual only for fall start

No classrooms will open for students Aug. 20

Dr. Jason Simeroth

A Thursday change was made by Yukon Schools officials.

The district will go virtual for the first nine weeks of the fall semester.

Dr. Jason Simeroth had previously reported the doors would reopen on August 20 with masks mandated.

However, Yukon is joining Oklahoma City and Putnam City in going all virtual for the start of fall due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases.

Simeroth reported in a video message released on the district’s Facebook page that COVID-19 has been reported in the district.

“We have had in the last few weeks, some of our organizations have had positive tests and first- hand exposures,” Simeroth said. “My office alone in the last month has had two positives and a possible positive and we had to vacate from our office.”.

Edmond and Deer Creek Schools have implemented a blended learning plan with students in two groups, A and B, going to school buildings different days of the week.

Simeroth announced that the Yukon Public School district will continue a continuous learning program. The district began the program in order to finish the 2019-2020 school year when the COVID-19  pandemic interrupted the spring semester

“The continuous learning plan is just that it is an online setting using our teachers, teaching from their classrooms, teaching our curriculum and our standards on our timeline in an online setting,” Simeroth said.


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Carol Mowdy Bond contributed to this report