Yukon Board of Adjustments to hear billboard request

Variance required for two 65-foot structures at I-40/Gregory Road


By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

A City of Yukon board is being asked to permit 65-foot-high outdoor billboards off Interstate 40 in west Yukon.

The Yukon Board of Adjustments will meet Thursday, April 8 to hear a request for a city code variance to permit new billboard signs on the southwest corner of I-40 and Gregory Road. The 6 p.m. meeting will be inside the Centennial Building, 12 S 5th.

A City of Yukon ordinance on “lot, yard, height regulations” restricts the height of a structure to 50 feet.

Board of Adjustments’ approval is required to allow these two billboard structures to exceed that requirement by 15 feet.

The request for the 65-foot billboards is being made by Jason Mallory of Elite Media Group DBA Lindmark Outdoor Media.

“Outdoor advertising displays or billboards are a visual medium; therefore, it makes sense that visibility of sign faces is paramount to effectiveness of our advertising,” Mallory wrote in a letter to the Yukon Board of Adjustments.

Approval of the additional height “will allow for structure uniformity, for maximum read times and maximum visibility for all advertising faces,” he added.

Mallory, land lease manager for Lindmark, believes the added height “protects our interest in the event of future development.”

In his letter, he told board members the applicant does not believe approval of this variance would cause “substantial detriment to the public good” – or impair the purposes or intent of the City of Yukon’s zoning ordinance and comprehensive plan.

The decision whether to approval the tall billboards will be made the Yukon Board of Adjustments. Members are: Chairman Joe Horn, Vice Chairman Sherry Huston, Buddy Carpenter, Mike McKee, and Rhonda Dennis.