Variance sought for ‘new’ convenience store in Yukon

Casey’s to demolish existing Garth Brooks Blvd. site; build new structure


By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

A request for a “new” convenience store being built on Garth Brooks Boulevard will be considered next Monday night by a City of Yukon board.

Casey’s General Store has filed plans with the City of Yukon to replace the company’s existing building, 1256 S Garth Brooks Blvd. just north of Interstate 40.

The Yukon Board of Adjustments will consider a Yukon city code variance request to allow the newly built Casey’s store to encroach 5 feet into the required 10-foot rear yard setback for commercial districts.

The board will convene at 6 p.m. Feb. 7 inside the Centennial Building, 12 S 5th.

Members will hear the variance request submitted by The Schemmer Associates, on behalf of Casey’s Marketing Company of Ankeny, Iowa.

“Our proposed development will only have a rear yard setback of 5 feet so that the store can maintain an adequate drive aisle between the building and canopy,” according to the variance application.

“Additionally, a 25-foot setback exists on the original plat that should no longer apply due to the new road alignment.”

The company now operates a filling station, car wash and convenience store at 1256 S Garth Brooks Blvd.



Casey’s plans to demolish the existing convenience store and car wash and replace them with a “brand new” Casey’s General Store, according to the company’s application.

The new structure will be designed in accordance with Casey’s typical convenience store business.

The gas filling station canopy and pump locations will remain “as intact as possible,” according to a Dec. 21st memo from The Schemmer Associates to Yukon Development Services.

“The size and shape of the lot create some difficulties in meeting all of Yukon’s zoning ordinances while redeveloping the site in an economical manner.”

Last summer, Casey’s announced it had acquired 49 Circle K stores in Oklahoma – including several in the Yukon area.

Yukon Board of Adjustments members are Chairman Joe Horn, Vice Chairman Sherry Huston, Buddy Carpenter, Mike McKee, and Rhonda Dennis.