Southwest Covenant senior ‘perfect’ on ACT

Valedictorian Clare Warner earns 36 score; bright future awaits

Clare Warner

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

A valedictorian in Southwest Covenant’s Class of 2021 has earned a perfect ACT score.

Clare Warner, 18, is among 25 seniors who will graduate May 21 from the private Christian school in Yukon.

Clare did well when she first took the ACT during her sophomore year. But she was determined to try for an even higher score on the college entrance exam.

“I had a decent score (32), but it wasn’t what I wanted because I was looking at some pretty prestigious schools,” she said.

Clare’s family has been in quarantine since March 2020 because her father is at risk due to a previous leukemia diagnosis.

Yukon’s Clare Warner will graduate May 21 from Southwest Covenant, a Christian private school.

So, Clare knew she’d have one shot last fall to improve on her ACT score. She picked a day in September to leave her home and test again.

“It was just working toward that one day, saying, ‘I have to nail it this one time’,” Clare related. “And I did!

“I got a perfect score, which is really exciting.”

Scoring 36 on the ACT is a remarkable accomplishment, since only about 1/10th of 1% of all ACT test takers earn a flawless mark.

Although Clare has been in extended quarantine taking online classes for the past year, she wants to attend Southwest Covenant’s senior trip to Boston in May before participating in the graduation ceremony in person.

“If all goes according to plan, I’ll be there!” she said. “I’m super-looking forward to it.

“This past week, I got out for the first time in months – apart from my ACT – to take a college visit and then see some friends.”



Clare, a National Merit finalist who has a 4.0 grade point average, has narrowed down her college choices to the University of Utah and Oklahoma State University.

Clare plans to major in computer science and minor in Japanese language. She wants to study abroad in Japan as part of her post-secondary education.

Daughter of Yukon’s Brian and Denise Warner, this bright student has been at SWCS since pre-kindergarten.

Her favorite subjects are math and science – and she’s embraced the academic rigor of Yukon’s small (but growing) private Christian school.

“Every year of schooling has been at Southwest Covenant,” she shared. “I like to really challenge myself in the classroom, so I’ve taken some college-preparatory classes and high-rigor courses.”

Although she has missed interacting with classmates during her quarantine, Clare has enjoyed the school’s small class sizes and social environment.

“It’s certainly unique,” she said. “Everyone knows everyone. You walk down the hallway, and you recognize every face you see. I’ve had the same small group of friends growing up.”

Clare has had more than a solid academic career. She is an all-state band member on saxophone and has been a pole vaulter on the Patriots’ track team.

Clare has three siblings – older sister Hannah and younger brothers Jake and Luke.