Baby boom!

INTEGRIS Canadian Valley in Yukon sets record 110 deliveries in August

INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Women's Center set a record for births in August. (Photo Courtesy Brooke Cayot)

Yukon had a baby boom last month.

In August, there were 110 deliveries at INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital.

INTEGRIS officials reported the previous record was 106 births at the hospital.

“Congratulations to the entire INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital Women’s Center care team for ending the month of August with a record-breaking 110 deliveries! This remarkable total surpasses their previous record of 106 monthly deliveries since the hospital opened 20 years ago,” a statement reads.

The INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital Women’s Center team, including 16 nationally certified nurses, usually averages 83 deliveries a month but managed 100, including four sets of twins delivered within 48 hours. The team saw an additional 271 outpatients.

The team of caregivers, nurses and physicians work together to create an environment that gets the job done, coming in early, staying late and working extra shifts to ensure the unit is always covered.

“Congratulations for a job well done and for bringing so many beautiful babies into the world!”